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While not as lethal as a Frag Grenade, a well-thrown Ink Grenade can temporarily neutralize multiple Locust and buy the Gears time to scavenge for weapons and ammo, seek cover, or move in for the kill.

Ink Grenades are relatively rare during both the Judgment and Aftermath Campaigns, and are seldom found away from the corpse of a Kantus. Ink Grenades can be planted as a proximity mine, but it will rarely result in a kill.

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Tagging an enemy with an Ink Grenade is far more effective. Incendiary Grenades are extremely rare in the Campaign portion of the game and can only be found in the Aftermath Campaign, if dropped by a Locust. Incendiary Grenades are similar to Ink Grenades in that they inflict damage over time, but they neither stun nor blur enemy vision. That said, a direct hit is almost guaranteed to result in a kill.

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These unique grenades instantly heal anyone within the area of effect. To use a Stim-Gas Grenade, simply toss it at the ground and note the circular area of effect.

Gears of War : Judgement – Strategy Guide

The Scout perch to the southwest of the E-Hole is an excellent location. You can spot approaching Locust and fire upon enemies attacking the E-Hole, all without dropping down. As the Locust, send Wretches to counter. The Troika next to the E-Hole is useful on defense until all fortifications are gone, after which it will likely get quickly destroyed by Locust attacking the Cover. Fall back to the raised platform to the east and bombard the E-Hole area with Booshka fire.

An aggressive Ticker assault via the northern approach can quickly remove all barriers. The Tickers can then move in to attack the E-hole Cover before defenders on the southern end of the map have time to react. Have an Engineer occupy the lower area to the west, deploying Sentry Turrets to kill or slow enemies while a teammate mans the Troika.

The Scout perch southeast of the E-Hole provides a decent perspective on approaching Locust, but it has limited visibility of the E-Hole Cover. Abandon this position when all barriers have fallen. The Troika, laser barrier, and electric fence make the northern approach a hazardous one for the Locust. The COG should take full advantage of this defensive position. Attempt to rush past incoming heavies, such as the Mauler and Giant Serapede, to attack their rear.

Instead, push the attack on the southern side of the map. This is a large area to traverse with a Scout perch to get past.

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But once past the final barrier, the generator is right there. Use the Scout perch to the south of the generator to defend its southern approach. Street Fighter. Video Game Name see all. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Type see all.

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